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We offer affordable facials of all types for your skin care needs. Whether it be an anti-aging, acne, or signature facial, our facials are customized to the individual needs of each client. Every great facial starts with a Skin Mapping Analysis. Determining your skin type, condition, and any specific skin issues you may be experiencing, will allow our professional esthetician to determine the treatment that’s best for you.

We are located in St Louis, Missouri at 11124 South Towne Square, Suite 103, 63123. Convenient to West County MO, in South County, MO & Near Hwy 55 & 270 off South Lindbergh and Hwy 55, near Aldi’s and Denny’s at St. John’s Church Road and directly across the street from the Costco & Target.

  • Types of Facials

    Types of Facials: The Facial Encyclopedia Part 1


    Determining which type of professional facial is the right type for you may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is identifying your biggest skin concerns, and being open with your esthetician. Even if you skim the rest of this article, make sure to remember this: the most important thing to do when determining the best pro facial for your skin is to share your concerns with your esthetician and trust her recommendations! There are hundreds of different types of facials out there, and trusting a great esthetician is your best bet to get skin that’s younger-looking, glowing and healthy.

    Why do I need a professional facial?

    Here’s some skin science: Your circulatory system’s ability to nourish your tissues and remove toxins and waste (and help prevent premature age signs like wrinkles and sagging) actually starts to slow down in your early twenties. Combine that with hormonal breakouts, sun damage and poor diet, and you get a multitude of reasons to get a facial – at any age, and no matter what (if any) skin aging or damage has shown up on your skin. Pro facials are a way to counteract both visible aging, and the ‘unseen’ damage that is about to surface.

    What signs tell me I need a facial?

    • Dullness
    • Congestion
    • Acne
    • Excess oil production
    • Sagging
    • Puffiness
    • Fine line/wrinkles
    • Dark circles
    • Large pores
    • Redness
    • Rough texture
    • Pigmented spots

    What type of facial should I get?

    Trust your esthetician here. An experienced, great esthetician will ask you a multitude of in-depth questions – regardless if you’ve ever received a facial before or not – in order to accurately determine what’s best for your skin. In fact, if your esthetician doesn’t ask you any questions, then you should leave the spa immediately.

    Bioelements has an infinite number of spa facials thanks to our signature Custom Blending System, which allows your esthetician to completely tailor a spa facial just for your exact needs. And there’s a facial for everyone, from our Firm & Lift Facial for sagging skin, our Calming Facial for visible capillaries and redness, our Depigmenting and Brightening Facial for dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and many, many more.

    What should I tell esthetician before my facial begins?

    Even if your esthetician doesn’t ask each one of these questions, make sure you should still give her this information:

    • Your diet (including recent changes)
    • Current medications (especially if you’ve started a new one recently)
    • Allergies
    • Medical conditions
    • Lifestyle choices
    • Recent activities (If you were out late the night before drinking, be sure to let them know so they can give you the more hydrating facial that your skin needs. If you’ve been sleeping poorly, let them know so they can focus on dark under eye circles or other signs of sleep deprivation, etc)
    • Recent plastic surgeries or procedures
    • Activity level
    • At-home skin care routine
    • Stress level
    • Past skin reactions
    • What you want to get out of this facial

    It’s important to answer each of these questions with in depth answers to give her the full picture and properly prepare for a facial.

    Your esthetician should be making her own observations in addition to the information you provide. Bioelements estheticians will perform a SkinReading every single time you get a facial. SkinReading is our signature technique for “reading” your skin for any information you may have forgotten to tell us. This helps our estheticians determine the right type of salon facial for you. All estheticians, Bioelements or not, should perform some sort of assessment of your skin, otherwise they won’t be able to maximize the results from your professional skin care treatment. Bioelements Professional Skin Care

Anti-aging Facial: Our anti-aging facial will plump up the skin, while helping to reduce dark circles. It slows the aging process, brightens the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Signature Facial: Designed to address essential needs of sun damaged, dehydrated and mature skin. Our signature facial will leave your skin looking refreshed, healthy and radiant.

Men’s Fitness Facial: Improve the well being and look of your skin with a treatment focused on the particular demand and needs of men’s skin.

Acne Facial: Our detoxifying facial will deeply clean, calm and restore irritated and blemish prone skin. Better penetration of products.

Microderm: Refresh your skin with this non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment. Outer layers of skin cells are removed stimulating collagen production and cellular renewal. Good on wrinkles, superficial scars, sunspots, hyperpigmentation and blackheads.

Eye Rejuvenation: Our unique blend of peptides, firming proteins and therapeutic vitamins combine to soothe irritation and revitalize tired eyes.

Facial Firming: Using blend of anti-aging products to help improve facial firming and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Acu-pressure Massage: combines acupressure and lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and relax tissues. Helps improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism, relax tired muscles and provides great health benefits to the body.

Hand Repair: This treatment includes maximum strength exfoliation, plus the deep moisturizing benefits of a soothing masque. The result is instant hydration and repair for dry, chapped or prematurely aging hands.

Scalp Massage: Designed to soothe and relax muscle tension and stimulate nerves and blood vessels.

Foot Repair: This treatment includes exfoliation and masque for feet in need of rescue.

Moisture Boost: Adding moisture to the skin to improve dryness and elasticity.

Flash Exfoliation: Resurface and brighten skin to diminish appearance of fine lines and improve elasticity.

Blackhead Relief: Clear current breakouts and prevent future ones.


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